Why the CoolSculpting Cryolipolysis® Procedure Is Different

The CoolSculpting Cryolipolysis® procedure is fundamentally different from other non- or minimally invasive fat-reduction modalities. Other methods of fat removal primarily involve necrotic cell death by damaging fat with heat, high-intensity focused ultrasound, or chemical injections.

Each of those other fat-removal approaches poses potential technical challenges, particularly with respect to targeting the right tissue depth and causing unintended damage to other structures close to or within the fat layer. Predictability of efficacy using these other techniques is also uncertain. In contrast, the CoolSculpting Cryolipolysis® procedure induces apoptosis in fat cells only to gently and gradually reduce the fat layer while preserving all other tissue.

The differences between heat-based technologies and freezing fat cells with CoolSculpting technology could not be more extreme.

Some Imitators Are Actually Heat-Based Procedures

The Facts About Some Imitators
  • Deliver intense heat through the skin, resulting in traumatic and sudden cell death (necrosis)
  • Non-specific energy delivery, and as a result, tissue other than the fat cells will be affected
  • Patients often require pain management, increasing case complexity
  • Technique dependent with small margin for error
  • Operator intensive, so operator must be present for entire treatment
Understand the CoolSculpting Difference
  • Extracts energy to freeze fat cells and trigger their natural cell death (apoptosis)
  • Non-invasive fat freezing extracts only enough energy to selectively target fat cells—other cells and tissue remain unharmed
  • Patients tolerate procedure well without the need for pain medication during treatment
  • Not technique dependent and requires no staff time once the patient is set up and treatment is underway
  • Not operator intensive for greater profitability

The Differences Are Easy to See

Snowflakes are unique. This one can’t be imitated.

1 | The First
More than 5 U.S. and 48 international patents secured, with 19 U.S. and 80 international patents pending ZELTIQ IP
2 | The Most Respected
FDA-cleared in the United States, CE marked as a Class IIa medical device and has additional medical approvals worldwide
3 | The Most Proven
Scientific evidence published in more than 100+ peer-reviewed publications
4 | The World Leader
Over 5 million CoolSculpting cycles to date in over 3,000 practices worldwide*
5 | The Most Popular
#1 most requested non-surgical body—sculpting procedure
6 | The Most Effective
  • 92% of patients had a noticeable difference after just one treatment*
  • 4.7 out of 5 CoolSculpting physicians reporting high satisfaction
7 | The Safest
The only controlled cooling fat-reduction treatment with built-in safety measures
8 | The Most Exclusive
Available only to premier medically based practices

Untouchable Industry Leadership

Harvard University-backed and exclusively patented process incorporates precise combination of dwell temperatures, treatment times, cooling plates, tissue draw, and vacuum pressure.

Choose the non-surgical fat-reduction procedure that stands alone. Become a CoolSculpting provider.

Incomparable Safety

Freeze-Detection Technology --Built-in freeze-detection sensors and software monitor changes in skin, shutting down automatically if a freeze is detected.
Patented Gelpad --A thermal coupling gelpad is applied to the surface before the applicator to ensure consistent thermal contact during treatment.

Data on file. As of May 14, 2015.

No Surgery,
Little To No Downtime

No Surgery No Downtime

The groundbreaking CoolSculpting procedure targets fat cells without damage to other cells and tissue.


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79% OF PATIENTS saw a positive difference in the way their clothes fit* *Market research data on file